Titleist 910 driver swing weights

I tend to open the club face a fade on a good shot and a slice on a bad shot. For every 12 you cut off, you will lose 3 sw so yours should be around d0d1. Weight kit neutral 5 species draw fade 5 species 10 g 12 g 14 g 16 g 18 g. It resulted in the lowest cg ever in a titleist driver. Titleist ts2 headweights driver and fairway new 2019. I still own a 905t, and it still holds up very well against many. That had to be hard for them to do, because the performance of the 910 d2 and d3 were so good. The newly adopted sure fit cg in 917f, just by replacing it with a draw fade weight, it is an innovative system that can move the center of gravity of the head in the direction of toe heel. After hitting that 10 times, i noticed i lost yardage and my direction was off so i steadily made my way through the set. What you need to know about the titleist 917 drivers the golf. Adjustable launchhigh performance weighting and a sloped, ultrathin crown design in this titleist driver increases stability and creates a low and deep center.

Gone is the gloss black that was utilized with 915, 9, and 910 drivers. I have replaced the shafts for the ahina 82g fairway and 90g hybrid. What this means to you is that golfers will receive playability and forgiveness. The result is the most significant stepforward in titleist metalwoods since at least the 910, though. The titleist pro v1 golf ball was used and tee height was kept constant for each shot. Whether true or not, brand identities in golf are strong, and perhaps the strongest connection is that of titleist and good player. Its one weight is for swing weighting purposes only. Live in colorado at 5500 ft elevation so the ball travels far. Experience titleist golf clubs the best way to truly appreciate the complete performance of titleist golf clubs, achieve total confidence on every shot, and shoot lower scores, is to experience titleist club fitting for yourself.

Inside this will house an array of weights, you can slide in and out ranging from, 8gram 16grams. Most impressively, this new series allows golfers to change the clubs loft and lie angles independent of one another, all while offering numerous premium stock shafts of varying flexes and weights. Dec 05, 2016 titleist 917 custom fit test head weight. Available in 4, 7, 9, 11, 14, and 17 gram weight options. The stock weight on the ts2 is the black weight but if you want more weight or less titleist can do that, they can build it to a specific swing weight if that what you would like too. Ts, 917, 915 and 9 fairway shafts are interchangeable. Many golfers believe they can add yards to their drive by making their driver golf club longer and lighter. Surefit cg is 5 years of research, that has lead to the design of titleist golfs revolutionary weight changing channel. All clubs have golfpride new decadle multi compound grips, should i be changing the swing weights also. Having moveable weights in a driver or fairway wood is nothing new. The blue weight 9g will add one swing weight so this should sw d3d4. Regarding the torque wrench, contact cobra and titleist and ask for the specs of the wrench. Slazenger may have advertisements with a bloody golf ball and a black panther, but the titleist 910 could be substituted into that commercial and be a perfect fit. The standard swing weight with the new drivers are d5 which is extremely high i think, i like my swing weight for a driver at d3.

Additionally, there are two mca shafts the kuro kage and tensei av blue. I was experiencing the same type of issues, so yesterday went to titleist, i was using a 910d2 10. Titleist 917 surefit cg adjustment tool wpouch, manual, 12g surefit weight. The titleist website shows that there is a 910 precision weight kit with 2, 5, 7, 9, and 12 gram weights. Unfollow titleist 910 weight to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. The 910 d2 also conveys longer distances through a technologically advanced head design with a responsive, fast face insert that creates a ballspeed. I started with my driver 910 d2, tour ad ysq 65s using the lightest weight, the 2g to see what effect it had and my opinion was that increased my swing speed and overall feel for the face of the club.

Take this for what it is, one guys opinion, but titleist has been lost in the driver doldrums the last several years. Compared to the 909 d3 driver, the titleist 910 d3 has a 10% larger sweet spot. The drivers designed for women will be c9c10 as a baseline. Add weight to your driver golf club for more distance pga.

Depending on how you like the feel of the head, increasing the weight will trend towards feeling more hammer like. Apr 14, 2017 michael jordans custom golf gear from the 1990s now available at auction 10 discounted and practical items to buy for your return to the golf course clubtest 2020. The trajectory, which you can adjust, is mid to high, and needless to. You get to try it when, where, and how you want for two weeks before deciding if you want to buy it or not. Titleist say this system uses 10grams less than any other sliding weight system on todays market. The settings run from a1 to d4 with the above chart explaining what each setting does. There is an optional weight kit that allows you to swap weights in the soles.

Dec 04, 2019 the titleist 917 driver and fairway wood range. Its no secret that titleist have something to prove with the new 910 drivers. The 910 d2 460 cc head provides slightly higher launch and spin over the 910 d3 445 cc. There was a slight improvement in forgiveness from the larger sweet areas and the optimised sound and feel at impact were excellent. This means that you can fine tune the weight of the swing, as well as.

Together, these advances put the titleist 910 drivers in a class of their own, both on tour and in the marketplace. Titleist driver, fairway, hybrid adaptor ferrules the titleist 910, 9, 915, 917, ts2,ts3 adaptor has a special hosel with a reset collar and a huge outside diameter which make this very difficult to find the proper ferrules for repairing or reshafting. Titleists excitement about its new 917 drivers exists on multiple levels and started as engineers discovered upon completion of the new design that they had created a product that compared to its predecessor, the 915 driver, was more forgiving, generated less spin, produced faster ball speeds, and offered enhanced customization features. I was hitting the middle of the club, but the ball just wasnt carrying. Make offer 6x golf weight for titleist ts2 head driver fairway wood. Those of less strength trend towards a lower swing weight to be able to control it. This years lineup offers two head styles, 910 d2 and 910 d3. How you change and use those weights could transform your game, we show you how and all you need to know. I have the swing weight kit, as i changed my driver to 9g from 7g. Interchangeable head weights for the titleist 915 driver and fairway allow for the customizing of swingweight and feel for optimized performance.

Titleist says the additional distance is as a result better speed, launch and spin. A few years ago you would have been hard pressed to find any lower handicapper or pro playing something other than a 905 but the woeful performance of the 907 and increasingly impressive offerings from the likes of taylormade and callaway saw them slip from the pinnacle of driver. I changed the shaft on my 9 d2 driver from an aldila tour green 65 to a graphite design ad di 7x. Mark crossfield pga professional askgolfguru tests the surefit cg and its ability to change the weight of the club head for ultimate custom fitting. Puts titleist drivers on equal footing with the best in the game. Titleist hybrid surefit hosels adjust in 1 loft and lie increments. The most forgiving offering in the 910 series, the 910h hybrid comes in four loft options and the same black color scheme of its bigger, longer brethren. Titleist ts driver profiles driver player profile launchspin adjustability specs ts1 swing speed 85 mph or less average drive 220 yards or fewermoderate swing speed golfers looking for an ultralightweight driver high launch mid spin surefit hoseladjustable back weight 9.

Make offer 6x golf weight for titleist ts2 head driver fairway wood hybrid metal screw set. Michael jordans custom golf gear from the 1990s now available at auction 10 discounted and practical items to buy for your return to the golf course clubtest 2020. Surefit adjustability the dual angle adjustment hosel allows players to adjust loft from 0. Titleist 910 d2 swing weight club fitting team titleist. The surefit cg weight system, that has been integrated into the sole of the ts driver, is a cylinder made from composite material. We found both the 910 d2 and 910 d3 drivers to be every bit as good as the previous 909 versions. Titleist driver, fairway, hybrid adaptor ferrules billy.

Titleist say they drew on the popular 910 driver shape for the d3 and having had that club myself i think the 917 looks great. Titleist driver settings the golf shop online blog. Sep 18, 2018 it resulted in the lowest cg ever in a titleist driver. So the ts2 is very much a grip it and rip it driver no nonsense, simple and seriously fast off the face. Jan 15, 20 according to titleist vp of marketing chris mcginley, the new 9 driver adds more length over the older 910 driver. The purpose of the weight is to change the swing weight. I was a fan of the 917 driver and had it in my bag for a while. Testing the 16 settings of the titleist surefit hosel. We make these aftermarket head weights that fit the titleist new ts 2 driver and fairway woods. Additional heavier and lighter weights sold separately. Adjust the swing weight by purchasing individual weights. The titleist 910, 9, 915, 917, ts2, ts3 adaptor has a special hosel with a reset collar and a huge outside diameter which make this very difficult to find the proper ferrules for repairing or reshafting.

While titleist has built players clubs for years, with the introduction of the 910 series, theyve raised the bar for adjustability. For the titleist 910 to not only get a whiff of 90, but to actually exceeded it, albeit by just a hair, we cant help but believe titleist has managed to create a driver with near universal appeal. The titleist ts2 driver offers golfers more forgiveness and higher launch. Id like to decrease the headweight to achieve a d2 or close to swingweight. You can walk in to golfsmith or whatever store and buy the same head and shaft with different weights in the head redblueblack dot.

For less precise golfers, the 910h is the best option if you want to put one of these clubs in your bag. Titleist has also added to the stock shaft offerings allowing club fitters and players a wide range of weights and shaft profiles. A titleist fitting found the evenflow t1100 a smoothfeeling shaft with a stable tip to be the best fit for me. Get the best deals on titleist supplies golf equip. Titleist ts2 headweights driver and fairway new 2019 billy. Weights when you shop the largest online selection at. Titleist driver, fairway, hybrid adaptor ferrules billy bob. Titleist released the 9 driver to replace the previous titleist 910. If putting a titleist 917 driver in your bag is something youre considering, heres. Performance the titleist 910d3 will not allow you to drive the ball 30 yards farther than a properly fit driver from four years ago. Swing weight is probably what you want to know, not actual weight.

Those who want a bit more finetuning can opt for the ts3 driver. As before the 917 d3 is a 440cc pear shaped head that looks great at address and more traditional than the d2. According to titleist vp of marketing chris mcginley, the new 9 driver adds more length over the older 910 driver. Ts, 917, 915, 9 and 910 driver shafts are interchangeable. Brian ussery arrived at the kingdom with a titleist 915d2 9. Buy the titleist 910h hybrid at 2nd swing and take advantage of our bestinclass trade in program. Steve pelisek, general manager, titleist golf clubs. Every two years like clockwork, titleist launches a new model. What you need to know about the titleist 917 drivers the. Prior to testing the titleist ts3 driver, i wouldnt have thought seriously about gaming a titleist driver.

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