Time for bed youtube

Youtube today launched a new feature designed to allow users to set bedtime reminders as part of an effort to limit their time on the platform. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on youtube. Time for bed mem fox fantastic kids story book read. Its baby johns bedtime, but someone is being a little naughty and refuses to go to bed without a little fun bedtime routine. With youtube s new bedtime reminder feature, users can input their bedtime, which will cause the app to prompt them when its time to shut things down.

Its available starting today on android and ios phones. Working beautifully with the soothingly repetitive text, each. Youtube has said that the new feature is available on android and iphone devices and will roll out to all users in the next few days. What you wanna do weve been on the phone, weve been sending texts when you coming through girl. I dont know why we use to in go to bed but not in go home. Learn colors for hildren colors song, number song, counting songs learning video dave and ava duration.

Dave and ava nursery rhymes and baby songs 23,211,121 views. Im a native english speaker in the united states, and ive never heard another native english speaker say, go bed. Time for bed is a rhyming book that showcases several animals rhyming a sentence and telling their baby its time for bed. Youtube now tells you to go to bed heres how to set it up. Julia, being almost 5, is a little old for this now i. Youtube mobile app can now tell you when its time for bed. Branics blog youtube will now remind you that its time for bed. Both time to go to bed and time for bed are very commonly used. Time for bed mem fox kids bedtime stories childrens books duration. Calming, relaxing, soothing, peaceful, and tranquil music for all ages. Youtube announces new feature to remind you when its time.

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