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An essential guide covering everything children need to know to make their pet rabbits feel at home. Advice from our vets about how to take care of your rabbits health, happiness and. Jul 24, 2019 dwarf rabbits are relatively easy pets to care for, however there are still a lot of things that are good to know before purchasing one. Keep your rabbit healthy by following our health and welfare advice, including information about how to check your rabbit s health. In many cases, and particularly for people living in an apartment or a small house, having a rabbit as a domestic pet is a better option than having a cat. Free powerpoint presentations about rabbits for kids. Rabbits kept as indoor during the summer or in a hot environment, might need to have a fan close by in order for them to keep cool. Rabbits need a balanced diet of unlimited grass hay timothy, orchard, oat, brome, limited pellets, and fresh greens. They also need regular grooming to remove any hair they may be shedding. Someone looking after a rabbit for you must look after the rabbits needs every day. Provide plenty of chew sticks as your rabbits teeth constantly grow. Rabbits are mammals that belong to the lagomorph order that also includes hares and pikas lagomorph means hareshaped. The free choice feeding of a variety of commercial.

The on the hop booklet is a comprehensive rabbit care guide. There are over 45 different breeds of rabbits and one common misconception is that rabbits are rodents because they have incisor teeth that continually grow. Download a free copy, or you can order a printed booklet online. Bunnies surprisingly need quite a lot of things to make sure they live happy and healthy lives. Do not use frontline flea and tick treatment on your rabbit. Aug 08, 2019 to care for newborn rabbits, make sure theyre nursing from their mother for the first 8 weeks after theyre born.

Rabbits have 28 teeth, which keep on growing continuously throughout its life. Some litters may be kindled as early as the 29th day or as late as the 35th day. Rabbits are naturally sociable animals and enjoy lots of attention and company. Founded in 1917 by animal welfare pioneer, maria dickin cbe, pdsa is the uks leading veterinary charity. Cleanliness is essential to reduce the risk of disease and illness because a rabbits nose is constantly close to the ground and therefore this puts them at. A rabbit s run should never be placed in direct sunlight for this reason. It encourages them to think about what different animals need to be looked after properly. Our simple guide to pet rabbits covers everything you need to know when deciding on a rabbit as a pet.

Whether you decide to let your rabbit roam free in your entire home or just a limited area, it is important that you make everything rabbit. Care for rabbits always looking after rabbits how to look after bunnys these are some examples bedding is important bedding is important because with no bedding the bunny will have no where to sleepuse the loo feeding is important its important to feed your bunny because it wont have any energy to do anything and. People look for these ads to find snake food, bait for fighting dogs, and animals to sell to labs. It should kept away from direct sunlight any out of draughty areas. Looking after your rabbit in winter wintertime can be lots of fun for all the family but only if youre prepared for the hazards that come with it. Make sure that you keep an eye on the stool of the rabbit after you have fed them these treats.

Many rabbits dont like to be picked up but there are times you will need to pick up your rabbit, a trip to the vet for example. Rabbits, like cats are good at grooming themselves, and just like cats they can suffer with fur balls. Therefore, it is best to choose a place in your home where the animal wont get too hot or too cold. However, like all rabbits, you need to take care of them properly and handle them well so they become nice furry friends to have around. Children should only look after rabbits under parental supervision. Never let a rabbit s body hang free, never lift by the stomach, and never pick a rabbit up by his ears.

We have hundreds of rabbits in our care who are all looking for loving new homes. There are too many rabbit breeds to fully describe in this manual. They can become part of the family but, as sensitive animals, are best suited to teenagers and adults. If theyre not nursing, contact a vet immediately so they can help. His dad says that they are going into town on saturday and if the children are ready to take on the responsibility of looking after rabbits, then he is ready to help them to convert the old shed into a rabbit pen. The first step in learning how to look after a hamster is knowing where to put the cage. Many people allow their rabbits free run of a room or a portion of their homes. If your rabbit stops eating, or if his poops are smaller or fewer, take immediate action.

Even rabbits who have 24 hour free range of a house enjoy a place to go to nap, hide. After a time he began to wander about, going lippitylippitynot very fast, and looking all round. Not all general practice vets are trained in rabbit care. Registered company in england and wales under company number 00363197. Please use the keystage, subject and pet filters on the right to customise your search.

The site was founded by veteran rabbit owners abi cushman and p. How to prepare the rabbit nesting box and when to place it in the does cage. Sheldon talks to his dad about how and when they can go into the city to make their purchase. They can live freereign in a bunny proofed roomrooms, or they can be contained within a puppy pen, bunny condo, or large rabbit cage. Operating through a ukwide network of 48 pet hospitals, pdsa provides low cost and free veterinary care to the sick and injured pets of people in. How do you keep restless children occupied before or after the traditional easter egg hunt. All rabbits need daily exercise so encourage your rabbit to practise its natural behaviour. Read our guide to how to look after a rabbit, which covers comfort, bedding, food, possible infections, exercise and even rabbit loneliness.

Naturally sociable, rabbits like companionship and prefer to live in pairs or compatible groups and their behaviour will reflect this. How to look after a rabbit behavioural tips blue cross. A guide to teach children how to care for their new small pets covers feeding, sheltering, and healthcare tips along with stepbystep photographs to make the advice easy to understand. Keep reading for more rabbit facts and information.

Photo by karamsingh rabbits can be cute and gentle pets but caring for them will require an understanding of their behavior. In the summer, it is wise to place frozen water bottles in the hutches with the rabbits to help keep them cool. You will be sure to experience first hand just how lovable rabbits truly are. This is especially important in open warrens, wherein rabbits run free. A simple guide to caring for pet rabbits bunnyhugga. Also, start to introduce pellet food 2 weeks after the rabbits are born so they start to wean off of milk. A pipe in its hutch can act as a burrow, or a box filled with shredded paper can encourage digging include some root vegetables to nibble on as a treat. When raising rabbits for meat there are many options for food. She really enjoyed the book but i did cringe quite a bit whilst we were reading it together as a lot of it is outdated and some of the things like hutch size advised in the book is now considered crueloutdated. Guidelines on keeping pet rabbits the following guidelines were developed by the victorian animal welfare advisory committee, and have been approved by the minister for agriculture and food security. Be sure to go slowly with your rabbit and practice. When rabbits are happy, they perform a series of jumps, twists and runs, which is termed as.

We bought this for our 6yr old daughter who wants to get more involved looking after our family rabbits. Adjust your rabbits diet slowly over at least two to four weeks. They can live free reign in a bunny proofed roomrooms, or they can be contained within a puppy pen, bunny condo, or large. Make a flyer of your rabbit with a picture and a description of his physical appearance and personality traits. Where to buy your pet rabbit looking after your pet rabbit what rabbits drink what rabbits should eat where your rabbit should sleep free reign exercise for rabbits how to play with your rabbit visits to the vet as your rabbit grows. Gradually increase how much of the new food you are feeding and reduce the old food daybyday until your rabbits have adjusted to their new diet. Recent scientific research has confirmed that rabbits suffer from stress and loneliness if kept alone. Cute bunny day care youre the new groomer at the local pet salon, and today, you and your team of animal lovers are taking a trip to the woods to give the adorable wild animals that live there a.

While some people give their rabbits free run of the house or a whole room, you. Watching rabbits running, jumping, playing, grooming each other and just being allround joyful creatures is a real delight. Keeping rabbits as pets hutch pet care trust daily clean. Put familiar smelling items in carriersnew environments to help them feel at ease. In many cases, and particularly for people living in an apartment or a small house, having a rabbit as a domestic pet is a better option than having a cat or a dog. To care for newborn rabbits, make sure theyre nursing from their mother for the first 8 weeks after theyre born. Open library is an initiative of the internet archive, a 501c3 nonprofit, building a digital library of internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Take your new rabbit to the veterinarian to be sure it is healthy.

A chronically ill rabbit will require longterm care. For teachers we know that searching for educational resources can be a minefield and hope that we can help by offering numerous pet themed resources in one place. Take a look around at our rabbit care advice to find out how to keep your bunnies happy and healthy. All areas should be well ventilated, dry and draught free as damp, poorly. In this video, i show everything you need when you get a rabbit. This makes them look like baby rabbits when they grow up as well as well as when they are young, something most people find very cute. Signup to get the inside scoop from our monthly newsletters.

Feed a small amount of the new food on the first day, mixed into their normal food. Packed with expert advice and useful tips, this series off. Rabbits are one of the most rewarding pets, but can also pose some surprising challenges. Advice from our vets about how to take care of your rabbits health, happiness and wellbeing. We handpicked more than 2,000 cute rabbit pictures that will melt your heart. Rabbits are crepuscular, that is they are most active at dawn and dusk. Rabbits become overheated easily and make sure they have adequate ventilation. Here you can find all the arts and crafts resources youll ever need to keep them engaged and out of trouble. The rwaf guide to rabbit care rabbit welfare association. Its over 50 pages long and replaces and updates our previous range of leaflets with extra sections such as how to choose a vet and a check list for when you are going on holiday. Try to find a veterinarian with experience in looking after rabbits. There is no doubt at all that lop eared rabbits are some of the cutest creatures on the planet.

Environment adjusting to a new environment is the hardest thing for a new rabbit. Domestic baby bunnies and their mom house rabbit society. Males should be neutered as soon as the testicles descend and females after four months but before a year of age. How to look after your rabbit, guinea pig or hamster. Guidelines on keeping pet rabbits rabbits other pets. The sizetemperature of anywhere theyre left including vehicles needs to be appropriate. Heatstroke can prove fatal to rabbits, but if they do survive, they may well suffer from respiratory issues for the rest of their lives.

Dwarf rabbits complete pet owners manual is an excellent start for anyone new to dwarf rabbits and a solid guide for more experienced owners. More info on rabbit pregnancies get practice interpreting confusing rabbit pregnancy signs in one breeders three californian does. My rabbits live in really clean conditions and are fed a proper diet and still ended up with them. Limit holding for the first 5 days until your rabbit gets used to its new home.

Blue cross is a registered charity in england and wales 224392 and in scotland sc040154. Rabbits kids guide welcome to our rabbit learning zone, where we have lots of helpful information for you and your family on how to care for your pet. Oct 03, 2011 this video asks children to think about all the things that pets need. They have specific needs in order to live a long, happy and healthy life. Rabbits who do not poop or eat in 24 hours are in danger of dying. Remember, there is a lot more to owning rabbits then i show in this video. The hutch rabbit must be kept free from dampness and if. Lop eared rabbits make wonderful pets, they live for a lot longer than many people realise especially if they are well looked after. This guide takes you through everything you need to know, from deciding whether a rabbit is the right pet for you, where to find a rabbit and how to keep it healthy and happy, to understanding what is really going on in your rabbits head. Read our advice to help keep your rabbit warm, happy and safe from danger during the cold spell.

This summarized version of rabbit care is only a small basic part of your rabbit education. Transport rabbits in a comfortable and safe manner. The first thing to consider before you get a pet rabbit is that they have a long lifespan so be prepared to care for them long term. Make a bunny mask to follow up reading the book, runaway bunnies. We have feeding, grooming and exercise tips, tricks to teach your pet and some fun trivia and quizzes. So if you see your rabbits scratching their ears a lot, check them.

If you want to take a hard, disturbing and frightening look at what sexual abuse in such awful forms can do to a child then this is the book you must. Provides lots of useful information on caring for and understanding rabbits, ranging from feeding and grooming to toys and hutches, all illustrated with colour photographs and cartoons. Do not pick your rabbit up by the scruff of the neck or by the ears. We have hundreds of rabbits in our care who are all looking. Read download how to look after your pet rabbit pdf pdf. Rabbits chew 120 times a minute and have over 17,000 taste buds in their mouth. This book is filled with delightful photos to enchant young readers. The ultimate guide to dwarf rabbit care pethelpful. If you are looking for a pet to adopt, but have not considered a rabbit before, we would love for you to visit one of our rspca adoption centres to meet our gorgeous bunnies looking for a new home. Smith of new london, ct, who currently share their home with two mischievous agouti rabbits named coco and cosette. The least important part of the diet of the noncommercial, nonreproductive pet rabbit is commercial pellets. My house rabbit is an educational website that promotes keeping pet rabbits inside the home. Here is a basic overview on how to care for a pet rabbit. Rabbit care rabbits are a very popular pet and are easy to look after.

Offer a variety of pesticidefree vegetables, including leafy greens and root. Rabbits should be kept in neutered pairs or compatible groups. Baby and dog gates are handy but again, rabbits can squeeze through surprisingly narrow gaps and can jump very high so take care. A sound rabbit diet consists of fresh hay, goodquality pellets, and fresh. This gives you a free hand to control the rabbits head or. Each rabbit needs at least a rabbitsized bundle of good quality hay every day which should be sweetsmelling and dustfree. There are many different breeds of rabbits available. The memoirs of bob hopes and henry kissingers mindcontrolled slave. Gestation period this is the period of time between mating and kindling birth of the young rabbits. Rabbits are an increasingly popular pet, they are animals that provide companionship, theyre docile, are easy to look after and dont take up too much space, etc. Dont forget that rabbits are prey animals and many will not enjoy being picked up. Remember, there is a lot more to owning rabbits then i show in. This guide takes you through everything you need to know, from deciding whether a rabbit is the right pet for you, where to find a rabbit and how to keep it healthy and happy, to understanding what is really going on in your rabbit s head. The environmental needs for keeping a rabbit rspca.

This is crucial for keeping your rabbits intestinal tract healthy. How to look after a hamster 9 steps animals onehowto. Varieties of rabbits about the biology of rabbits about baby bunnies kits the fact of a bunnies life a colorful pet guide that is easier and more fun than to follow than a 2 step guide to finding buried treasurea plus. How to care for your angora rabbit running bug farm. Rabbits can make wonderful pets so long as you keep them in the right way. But raising baby rabbits finally gets old for the doe, and she decides shes done with the pesky kits if she were on her own in the wild, she would already be bred one or two days after the birth of the litter. May 14, 2017 watch to see what you should be doing on a daily basis to care for your pet bunny. If for any reason you decide you can no longer care for your rabbit, please know that we will take the rabbit back free of charge, no questions asked. Our unique algorithm classifies jobs according to a wide variety of factors, estimates the market rate for this specification of job and displays the estimated rate of pay when sufficient data is available but cant take into account differences in the level of experience required, responsibilities or working hours. Pet rabbits can be taught to respond to commands using positive rewardbased training. As rabbits spines are fragile, make sure their hind legs are secure so they cannot kick out and damage their spine. Provide a safe, secure, hazard free environment for them to live in. Small breeds such as the dwarf or dutch may look the right size for your children to handle but are often rather feisty.

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